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Revak Limited. Registered Number 11254430


Our services include:

Securing Your Business

Conducting audit and gap analyses of your current security posture, supporting you to implement appropriate controls and evidencing your improvements in Cyber and Physical security.

Information Security

 Creation & implementation of specific Information Security Governance, Policies & Procedures.

Survey Development

Designing and delivering Engagement Surveys with your staff and customers, and carrying out in depth analysis of the survey results to enable your business to improve service delivery.

Securing the Supply Chain

Working with your procurement team to ensure your supply chain doesn't increase your risk to Cyber Attacks.

Senior Management Mentoring

Providing you with the knowledge, and assurance, you need to ensure you are compliant with all appropriate legislation.

Research, Analysis and Intelligence Services

Providing you with an accurate and timely  knowledge of the external and internal threats targeting your business.

Social Engineering Exercises

Testing your security controls to ensure you have resilience to Social Engineering attacks.

Breach Management

Preparing your organisation for  effective management of a security breach.

Risk Management

Providing the tools and techniques that enable you to identify, assess and manage all risks to the security and resilience of your organisation.